Tell Woolies not to rob workers of christmas
Tell Woolies not to rob workers of christmas

This will shock you.

Woolworths has just put in an application to have people work on Christmas Day this year.

The move will rob thousands of workers of Christmas with their families.

Workers will be stocking shelves when they should be getting ready to open Christmas presents with their kids, preparing for their Christmas lunch, or simply just relaxing.

The NSW Government has encouraged this move by allowing stores to open on Boxing Day, and now Woolworths is taking it a step further by asking people to give up December 25th to stock shelves.

We can stop this. Sign the petition calling on Woolworths to withdraw its application to rob workers of their Christmas this year – and don’t forget to ask your family and friends to do the same.

Let’s make Woolworths to give workers back their Christmas.

Sign the petition here