Tell the Premier and Treasurer to give back Boxing Day
Tell the Premier and Treasurer to give back Boxing Day

The NSW Government’s retail trading legislation changes mean that many thousands of workers will be spending Boxing Day at work this year instead of with their families.

The festive season is a time for opening presents, eating too much and relaxing for family and friends, not for stacking shelves and manning cash registers.

The NSW Government claims to support families, yet here they are robbing people of Christmas together.

Will you take a moment to send an email to the Premier and Treasurer calling on them to give workers back our Boxing Day? If you can, add your personal story to the email – the more personal stories our politicians hear, the greater chance we have of changing their minds.

There’s no benefit to opening stores on the 26th of December – all it does is rob people of valuable family time.

Send an email to the NSW Premier and Treasurer now. Together, we’ll force the NSW Government to give Christmas back to families.

Email the Premier and Treasurer here