Premier should silence ANZAC Day retail push

Apr 25 2014

Retailers are pushing to make ANZAC Day just another shopping day under changes to restricted retail trade hours.

SDA NSW Branch Assistant Secretary Bernie Smith has called on Premier Mike Baird to rule out meddling with regulations that preserve the sanctity of this important national day.

“The current laws recognise the sacrifice and service of past and present service people on the special ANZAC Day,” Mr Smith said

“ANZAC Day is an important day when all Australians should have the opportunity of participating in commemorative activities and spending time with their loved ones and friends.

“The half-day restriction on retail trade allows retail and warehouse workers the choice and dignity of full participation in this community day, from dawn services and marches to family dinners or quiet contemplation.

“The SDA has been campaigning against the retail industry’s push to end restrictions on trading on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, ANZAC Day and Boxing Day and have secured the support of key MPs including Rev Fred Nile and thousands of community members.

“The new NSW Premier has an opportunity to show his respect for ANZAC and other special days by committing to maintain these protections

“The SDA will work with the broader community in the Take The Time coalition to ensure retail and warehouse workers can continue to take the time to remember on future ANZAC Days,” Mr Smith said.

Stand up for retail workers and any further erosion of their precious family time.
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