Newcastle retail workers oppose extension of trade on significant public holidays

Mar 12 2014

The union representing retail workers in Newcastle has condemned Federal government plans to extend retail trade on special days such as Boxing Day, Easter and Anzac Day, as reported in media in February.

Shop Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association, Newcastle and Northern Branch (SDA), Branch Secretary, Barbara Nebart said changes to retail trading hours in NSW would have a significant impact on worker’s ability to enjoy these special days with family and friends.

“Thousands of workers will lose out on quality time with family and friends if trading hours are changed,” Ms Nebart said.

“All retailers can currently trade for almost 99% of days in the year but now they have Easter, Christmas and Anzac Day in their sights.

“Christmas and Easter should be kept special for quality time with family and friends, and Anzac Day should be left well alone.

“If shops are open on these special days, history shows that workers will inevitably be required to work. This is often the only times workers are currently able to take more than a day in row of leave.

“Younger workers and those in insecure work are often most vulnerable to pressure from employers to work public holidays at the expense of family life.

“Most retail workers have little or no control over the hours they work.  Retail trading hours have spread over recent years and work/life balance is being steadily eroded.

“The further extension of retail trading to even the most important days should not go ahead,” she said.

Stand up for retail workers and any further erosion of their precious family time.
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