Apr 15 2017

The Easter Bunny has hopped into the campaign to protect penalty rates joining retail workers and union members at Sydney’s Central Station to hand out Easter eggs and talk to commuters about the campaign.

“I’m hopping mad that penalty rates are going to be cut on Sunday’s and public holidays.”

“If retail workers are forced to sacrifice precious time with their families over the Easter break, they must be properly compensated for it” the Easter Bunny said.

SDA NSW Secretary Bernie Smith agreed and said that retail workers would be hit hard by the cuts to penalty rates on Sunday’s and public holidays as there had been no pay rise to protect their take home pay.

“We know that the family budgets of Australia’s lowest paid workers are already under pressure.”

“Many retail workers rely on these penalty rates to cover their basic living costs, like food, electricity and gas bills, or to put a little aside for special occasions like Easter.”

“With wages growth already at historical lows, this blow to take home pay could not come at a worse time for them.”

“Easter is really the first break in the year, a special time when families traditionally come together after a busy first few months.”

“If retail workers are forced to spend this time away from their family and friends, then they deserve compensation. It’s only fair.”

Mr Smith said that recent polling had demonstrated a strong majority of Australians disagreed with the FWC decision to slash Sunday and public holiday penalty rates, that the Turnbull Government has supported.

“Polling conducted just over a week ago indicated that 62% of Australians disapproved of the penalty rate cuts and 65% wanted legislation that protected them.”

“Clearly, the majority of everyday Australians believe penalty rates are important to them, their families and communities and want them protected. That’s what we’re here to talk to commuters about.”

“The SDA and fellow union members are here to say to Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals, ‘you can fix this. You can pass the Bill that the Senate passed to overturn this unfair decision.”

“I hope Malcolm enjoys Easter with his family. Everyone deserves a break. As he takes time out he should spare a thought for workers in retail and hospitality working this Easter who face a pay cut.

Providing a $50 billion tax cut to rich businesses and his mates while slashing pay for retail workers is just not fair. Malcolm, think about it, the decision is up to you. Will you overturn these unfair cuts?”

“We encourage every Australian to join with us in standing up against these unfair cuts to the take home pay of workers who can least afford it.”

“Sign up to the campaign, spread the message on Facebook and help us protect your penalty rates.”

Supporters of the penalty rates campaign can join at www.protectpenaltyrates.org.au or find us on Facebook.

Media contact: Darren Rodrigo 0414783405

Stand up for retail workers and any further erosion of their precious family time.
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