Change to retail trading merely an attack on Australian families

Sep 22 2014

Removing trading restrictions on public holidays would have no beneficial impact on the economy and would only serve as an attack on Australians’ right to spend important holidays with their family and friends, workers say.

The call comes after the Federal Government’s competition review recommended removing trading restrictions on important public holidays such as Boxing Day.

Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association NSW Secretary Bernie Smith called on the Federal Government to dismiss the recommendations, and take into account the greater needs of the community.

“We should be looking at what is best for the community at large, rather than bowing to the demands of a sector of the retail industry,” Mr Smith said.

“There’s no economic benefit to unrestricted trading – all we end up with is families robbed of the right to spend important holidays like Boxing Day with their families.

“Research shows that opening stores on additional days our doesn’t make a difference to the amount of money spent in stores – it just redistributes the spending. People don’t magically get more money in their pockets on Boxing Day or any other day of significance.

“The Government has a responsibility to look after the needs of the community at large, so we’re hopeful this recommendation will be seen with government for what it really is – a small, one-sided recommendation that doesn’t look at the bigger picture at all.

“We’ve got Sunday trading and trading on most public holidays already to make sure people can shop during hours that suit them. Let’s not bow to the pressures of some misguided retailers and sacrifice our right to spend those last remaining few special days each year with our families.

“People can shop over 360 days a year. To rob workers and their families of those last few remaining days is ludicrous and will only serve to keep families apart on important holidays.”

Stand up for retail workers and any further erosion of their precious family time.
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